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packook, the sites been having issues with the remodel and all, shrinking the photos (which ill tell you how to do, will help you in both problems.

with me, i use photos send from my phone, and they are too big to be put on here so i have to resize them.
to do this, open any computer drawing/painting program and upload the picture into the program (i use MS paint) then theres a resize option. click that, then itll ask how much % you want to shrink or grow it. it starts at 100%, then if you type 50 itll shrink it to half the size. if you type 150, itll blow it up half a size bigger then it is (200 doubles the size, etc)
try making the pix smaller and re uploading them.

now on to the 200x200
most pictures you take will not be a square, 200x200 in a perfect square, you have no choice but to crop. you can crop to whatever size you want to start out. say your piture is 520x700. crop it to 520x520, then use the resizing to make it smaller, go little by little, and use the "properties" option (usually found in the file dropbar) and itll tell you how many pixels it is. once it says 200x200 pixels, thats what you want.
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