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Name of merchant: Wildcat Wigs

Website: or (the rest of this review applies only to their eBay storefront as I have no experience with the domain site)

Item purchased (please include quantity): One "Pauline" wig in color 24H613, twelve (two orders of six) beige net wig caps

Timeline (how long your order took to process): ordered June 24, received June 27

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. I have used this merchant on at least two occasions before (even left a review for them for one of those occassions). As I mentioned then, this seller is located in Pennsylvania, USA (thus no worries about customs and whatnot for those of us in the US of A) and ships very quickly. I haven't had a bad experience yet. However, the following should be noted:
  • It's literally only one guy, and he does sometimes go on vacation or close for inventory. Not very often, but it does still happen.
  • Some wigs are listed individually (like so- yes this is the wig I bought), others with more of its kind, usually with "COLOR CHOICE" in the description (like so).
  • Wigs are not sorted by length or color. However there is a search box that only searches within the "store" instead of throughout eBay.
  • The "Theatre & Costume Fun Wigs" are not cheap "Halloween"/"Party City" wigs. Among others, the "Little Women II" wig (a.k.a. Amphigory's "Innocent") is listed there.
  • Probably more of an eBay thing, but with this most recent order only the wig was marked as "shipped" and given a tracking number even thought I ordered everything all at once thanks to eBay's recently-implemented cart system. However, all items were indeed in the same box when it arrived.
Also, I know from the business card included in my last order that he has his own website, but like I said I've never actually used it. It does appear to be slightly better organized, though.

Final Grade: A.
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