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Originally Posted by Sonsko-chan View Post
@Assiduity, have you considered putting something in the middle (yarn, padding, etc.) and wrapping the wig around that to add some shape to it? I once saw a Rapunzel wig tutorial that did that and it seemed to work out pretty well. I can't find it right now but I think it was on deviantart.
I have, it crossed my mind last night right before bed.
I don't want it to be too heavy or thick, due to how small I am, I'm only 5 feet tall XD;, so I worry that my head will go looking towards the sky if too heavy.

Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Padding is golden, most wig maker, make pillow in the the shame colour as the hair and shape you need and stuff it. This allow the structure to still bend also if the hair shift to reveal some thinner spots the fabric being the same colour will allow it to be less noticeable.

You also need to sew the pillow to the base of the wig as well for the gathered ponytail.
Ahh okay.
So I should be fine with just the one wig and if needed, some added wefts as well?
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