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Wig Help

Okay. So I read through this whole thing, and looked at all of the suggestions for the Merida wig.
However, I still am not content with the colors. I like the look of Arda's Merry in pumpkin, but at the same time, I don't think there's enough volume at the top (it seems very thin to me), and it's a bit too orange for my tastes.
Then when looking elsewhere, all of the reds are too deep.
I just want to find a wig with the right balance of red and orange. I love the look of the face character's wig. Does anyone have any suggestions? ^^ I'm also very particular about length. Most wigs I've seen either fall just below the shoulders of above, and that's much too short in my opinion.
Is there a way to lighten/dye wigs? ^^
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