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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
I once roleplayed with a woman who posted THIS, and this is an exact quote (or almost exact, shut up) that is not exaggerated. This was for reals;

I seriously wish this was done in jest, because it's so damn funny. But this was basically every post this woman sent me. Just one liners with no periods or commas or anything. Just giant run on sentences.
Sounds rather unfinished with the way she worded it, perhaps adding a few words to the sentence could've sparked something interested in the role-play, ex: "And she gave a kick to the tall man's head before letting her gaze fall on the open window. She panted for only a few brief seconds, before a smirk tainted her face as with lightning reflexes she leapt out the window." In the least, if you're going to role-play thread-wise its better to put more effort in replies. I'm curious though as to why she jumped out the window though.
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