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Name of merchant: We Love Colors


Item purchased (please include quantity): Transaction A: two pairs of "plus size Nylon/Lycra tights"- one light pink, one lilac; two "plus sized white striped tights"- one pastel mint/white, one sky blue/white. Transaction B: three pairs of "plus size Nylon/Lycra tights" in light tan.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): A: ordered May 10, received May 16; B: ordered June 25, received June 29

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. Can't believe there isn't a review for them up already. In any case, "transaction A" was actually not the first time I ordered from them (ordered a pair of navy/white striped tights for one of my Katsucon 2011 costumes before, and the light pink ones in this order were to replace a pair I'd misplaced). However, I was indeed going by that prior experience when I decided to make that purchase, and the experience from that for the subsequent one. Great selection, especially for (ahem) bigger girls. Everything comes in every color they offer- yes, you can combine any of their colors with black or white for their striped tights. Shipping/turnaround time was decent.
Oh yes, don't let the name fool you. While they are known for their veritable rainbow of colored tights, they do still have common pantyhose colors, too (for example, "light tan" being what other companies might call "nude", and there are two shades of brown). Great for those who prefer something more comfortable and durable (and more opaque) than standard nylons. I suppose my only real gripe is that I wish they had more in the way of lurex/glitter/sparkly tights.

Final Grade: A.
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