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Originally Posted by SirWonderusMary View Post
Sounds rather unfinished with the way she worded it, perhaps adding a few words to the sentence could've sparked something interested in the role-play, ex: "And she gave a kick to the tall man's head before letting her gaze fall on the open window. She panted for only a few brief seconds, before a smirk tainted her face as with lightning reflexes she leapt out the window." In the least, if you're going to role-play thread-wise its better to put more effort in replies. I'm curious though as to why she jumped out the window though.
All of her sentences where the same badly pieced together run-ons that where one or two lines long and filled with 'engrish' style manners of writing. English was her first language, but her writing was like someone used google-translate from English, to Japanese, to Latin, and back to English again and no I have no idea why she jumped out the window either. I sat at the keyboard for a solid 5 minutes with my mouth open completely dumbstruck.
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