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Originally Posted by Ororo Monroe View Post
Here is twist on the original often do you see patterned material in steampunk? The more complex the better and how about plaid? I know Victoria made plaid fashionable before she made black fashionable. And Victorias were mad for patterns just as much as color. Around the time of the American Civil War, just after I think they introduced a new look, Polka Dots.
funny you should say that, none of the steampunk stuff that i make is just one color or design. i always make sure that its either like black and has gold swirls on it, or black with red stripes, or (as the one im working on right now) red, white, and blue with starts on the stripes.
Im guessing though that the polka dots would be used more for women's dresses. the plaid of course could easily be used for men, especially anyone wanting to do something more "southern" Steam punk.
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