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Originally Posted by nikkiolie View Post
I did a photo shoot this weekend with my Rokuro. I'm very hapy with how it looks. It is also very comfortable. I also got my jogsaw so I can start working on his weapon. I have a few more events in the next week that I plan on wearing Rokuro to so expect more pictures.
Ooh you look cool! Btw, where did you get that wig? I love that color!!
I like Rokurō's default outfit too and I would totally cosplay it myself if I didn't hate my body as much as I do. ._. I'll just cosplay him in that kimono he wears in the end, after some spoilers happened, instead. I'll see if I can cosplay Rokurō this autumn/winter. I'd really like to but it would be a pretty cold costume (pretty much only one layer of clothing) thinking about Swedish/Finnish temperatures during that time of year... at least for once I'd not be boiling lol.

Fluff!Masamune very likely will be saved for later (maybe start working on it autumn 2013?) because it's quite a project to do and next year's cosplay debut plans already involve some quite challenging costumes already. *coughbasaramasamuneoneofthemcough*

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