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Originally Posted by CiiCii View Post
Hello~ it is I from SMASH forums~ Going as Russia for sure now~! It will be heaps of fun, so I cannot wait x3
Oh!! Did you go to Supanova on Sunday?! Cause you look like the Russia I had Hugged ve~!! I was the Sweden that ran up and hugged Italy (totally OOC I know XD)

Originally Posted by Miss-Kagamine View Post
Hello everybody!
This year at SMASH i wanted to start a Hetalia group i have had the idea for a while and SMASH seems like a good time to get it together(because i am bust studying when all the other cons are on) So who's interested?

You can cosplay as any character(even OC's though.. i would advise against it) and the Nyotalia characters too! I shall be cosplaying as Canada and i have a friend who will possibly be going as Belarus. So if you're interested please comment. I also have posted this on the SMASH forums so if you have an account there please feel free to check out the thread there.

Who we have so Far
Canada: miss-kagamine
America: Heroreedy
Belarus: possibly my friend.
England: Heroreedy's Friend.
black fem Japan: Yukora-chan
Finland: possibly Corperal.Rao from SMASH forums
Pirate England: ArthurSMkirkland from SMASH forums
Revulutionary England
Revulutionary America
Russia: CiiCii
and whoo~!!! I can come ve~!!! I haven't even gone to the orthodontist yet! And SMASH is in what... 2 weeks time... So yes~ please put my name down as Sweden!




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