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hmm this is a rare bit of fun for an engineer ~smiles~

ever sen a mecha go from this to this

my photobucket
my youtube ware i share all that i do with the cosplay community

i can do them
but the telescoping on the knife wont be as clean as in the pic
(sry we no have game physics)
the blade would be plastic and unusable in combat via many con rules (would brake if used)

also im not cheap
2 weeks labor($200 sry it takes a while to make/find all the parts)
+material costs(ill itemize)
+mechanics($50 functional parts take more work to get right)
+shipping(need city and zip code)
=just a ball park but you could be looking at $325 from me after shipping

videos of your props would be made to help other cosplayers

i work on a time slot system
so i would need to know when ya want it and see if i can do them in time
(first open slot 9/10/2012)
and ask $50 of the total to hold the time slot
half of the remainder is due when i start
and the rest when you get pics of it

im not the cheapest for sure
but hope to hear back on this one for sure
good times to all
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