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Before I rant, I do want to say I had an amazing time. I was there the entire time, and I had a blast. That being said, there were some bigger issues.

My BIGGEST PROBLEM, was Figueroa being closed at certain points during the day and there wasn't a damn sign anywhere saying what street to go down for Anime Expo. The day prior I had gone my normal route, no problem, next day I was told I had to walk all the way back around to flower and hike on through. The group of people I collected telling them to turn around ended up being huge by the end, it was ridiculous~

Parking prices always suck, so, meh. My hotel was about a 10-15min walk away, so I just paid hotel parking which actually wasn't too bad.

Exhibit hall was... oh my gosh. Overwhelming? I've never seen it so crowded before!! I could barely move anywhere

AX Staff. I had some issues with a few people over my gun. Apparently while I was in the cosplay repair center some guy told my BF I needed to get it peace bonded. I was in there for a while so my BF forgot to tell me. I had been running around to panels all day and was running late to start and never got it bonded in the morning. He stopped me later and completely tore into me. "I told you you need to get this thing checked out and you did not listen to me." and he kept going on and on and ON. So I said "Alright, stop right there, you never fucking talked to ME personally about anything, I'll get the damn thing bonded, that's no problem, but stop talking to me like I'm an idiot." Right then a nicer, younger, AX staff member came up and instantly peace bonded my weapon for me. If you're old and grumpy, you should NOT be working at a fucking Anime convention. Sorry, that was my biggest gripe, honestly, he was very, very rude for no reason.

Last Comic Standing was pretty dull this year, I left during intermission. They seemed to forget this was an anime convention (except the first guy I saw) and every single one of them just made racist jokes. So, that kind of sucked, hope the masquerade did better!

All in all I had a pretty fun time. It was very crowded this year considering, but I had a blast regardless

Edit: The dance SUCKED. Music was awful, there were literally pauses in between some songs where there were a couple of seconds of silence, I couldn't pee without being completely kicked out, the line was insane, the music wasn't even all that loud, I shouldn't be able to have a conversation easily with my friends >_> I went Friday night and Sat night and was just in awe about how horrible it was.
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