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Overall: It was extremely lackluster this year. The addition of the 21+ lounge was a nice addition, but overall there was nothing to be excited for. I miss the stage outside in LA Live with that neat laser show. I miss the big booths of neatness from a couple years ago (though I know you don't have control of that). This year was very "panels and exhibit hall and a couple concerts of who?..." I feel Anime Expo needs to have something to hype people up throughout the convention, like that stage in LA Live, it gets people pumped throughout the convention. Get a megaphone and pump up your attendees, be witty. I know you are a larger convention and need to be a little more professional than smaller cons, but I find Anime Expo very bland this year. Maybe have a cool little festival with games. If you can break out of your new typical "panels, exhibit hall and concerts" rotation, you older attendees might get excited for AX again.
I definitely agree with this. I was only there 2 days, but I felt like this year's AX was kind of 'meh'. I mean, overall I had a pretty good time (and eating at the Food Trucks was awesome!), but there wasn't much to look forward to (program-wise) on my behalf other than Magic Macabre and Anime Singled Out. Saturday's program seemed plain boring, with nothing that caught my eye-- I actually ended up leaving relatively early that day. I really hope there will be a better program next year, because as of now, I'm not super hyped up for AX '13. :/
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