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Please...try harder.
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Way, WAY too crowded, even without the X-Games stuff, it appeared most of the people in the center were for the con and not X-Games random curiosity overflow.

Sea of humanity Comic-Con levels without the interesting panels or exhibits. Large amounts of disrepectful people touching or messing with costumes as we walked by or had not respect for a cosplayer's personal space or the fact we're trying to hold a gathering and when we say back up, it means back up.

Also regarding the dealers hall, honestly, if you're goint to leave that giant space on the other side full of practicaly nothing, at least widen the walkway asiles.

At least we lucked out on parking, $10 bucks at the LA live parking structure.

I had reservations about Expo last year, but this is the last year I'll be going.
Next up!: Anime Expo

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