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Hey guys, nice to see some new faces in here, welcome!
Cyber Candy says she probably won't be able to make it this year, so I'm taking over haha.
I think 3 different photoshoots will be sufficient to fit everyone's schedules. I'm still relatively new to D*Con though so I'm not sure where we should have these shoots at. Also if you guys are up for it, we usually have an Avatar dinner after one of the shoots, though maybe an Avatar lunch would be more appropriate since most of these shoots are around lunchtime. I think a Chinese restaurant would work nicely. If you guys are interested we should take a headcount and get a reservation.

As far as shoots go, I think we should have one sometime in the earlier half of Friday, not sure when though.
On Saturday there will be a photoshoot at 11:30 after the parade. We could all meet up somewhere and walk to the parade location too if you guys want.
And on Sunday I think a shoot around noon would be good too.
What do you guys think?
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