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Thumbs up We Are Nakama! Fairy Tail Gathering 2013

Yoi-te here and me and my friends are gonna help each other out in hosting the Fairy Tail gathering. Since I didnt get time to make my costume for AX Ima debut it this ALA.

So To start it off if anyone is interested jut give us a quick reply and we'll add you to the list. :]

Sorry about the sudden submission on the gathering, it seems that if we submit late we wont have a good spot or day for the gathering. So here is our Gathering date.

Time: 4:30 pm
Day: Friday (January 4, 2013)
Location: Pool Deck (Bridge)

More info here:

Fairy Tail Guild

Mavis - sjxkhr
Class S
Erza -ReverseTrap (maybe)
Natsu - ReverseTrap (maybe)
Gajeel - KenshinAsakura
Macao - Dragunov23 (maybe)
Gray Fullbuster -Scree
Celestial Keys
Leo - darkchappy (maybe)
Aries - hoopikkin
Virgo - hoopikkin's friend
Blue Pegasus
Ichiya - Gusutabo(maybe)
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