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No problem dear~! I've made Zelda, Link, Dark Link, Malon, and Nabooru and I've got to say, aside from making the jewelry this costume was blissfully simple to do once I had it figured out.

When you use craft foam you have to remember to seal it. I used a 1:1:1 mixture of school glue, flexible fabric glue, and water (this seal keeps the foam pretty flexible). After you get your craft foam cut out and glued together used a dimensional paint (puff paint) to put the details on. After the details dry (and this part takes a couple days) coat the piece in the mixture, after it dries you do it again (repeat at least 5 times). I used gold acrylic paint for the base then used Rub'n'buff to get a really good gold color and put a patina on it with black/green acrylic paint. For the gem I painted it with the shiniest red paint I could find. Ignore the silly faces, hah, but this is essentially the result. (I made the face gem out of polymer clay, painted it with acrylics, used nail polish for the gem, and then used spirit gum to put it on my friend's face)
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