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Originally Posted by G-Force View Post
I loved AX this year but I need to address concerns that I had.

No Shuttle Service for the Mayfair Hotel - With the Wilshire Grand closed it only made sense that more AX people would book rooms there and none of the shuttles were going to hotels even CLOSE to the area. The walk toward the place was kinda seedy even taking the longway down 7th street and I had to call a cab multiple times to stay safe.

Last Comic Standing in a Smaller Room - Many comedians could not bring their friends and family to the event as we had to make sure we could allow as many attendees as possible. This decision did not make any sense given how the previous years the LP2 was PACKED.

In response to the comments about the show having a lot of race/sex jokes I have two things to say. First off there were quiet a good deal of comedians who strayed from such humor or only used it mildly (this was more apparent in the second half). To whoever who talks about how LCS is full of nothing but race/sex jokes I'm always quick to remind people that clean acts have won in the past, Danny, Jacob, Greg and myself using clean sets. To put it simply comedians have noticed that these type of jokes fly well with the LCS crowd so they will play to the audience more. If people demand such humor then it will be provided
You need to come back (are previous winners allowed to compete?) and show it how it's done. The last LCS I watched was with you in it.
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