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This is my first time posting feedback about the convention so here is my 2 cents.

I only went to a few events this year because I was mostly cosplaying the entire time, and I couldn't really get into some of the smaller panels I wanted to attend, but for the one's I did attend this is what I thought.

Lounge 21: It was a nice experiment for the first time around, but there are some improvements that are needed. There were only two bartenders in the room on opposite sides, which is definitely not enough for the number of people in attendance. I think it would have been a better design to have an elongated bar area (like every bar in L.A.) in the back of the room staffed with 3-4 bartenders rather than two serving one customer at a time in a line. I ended up getting stuck behind two people that could not make up their mind on what they wanted after waiting 15 minutes in line. It took them 5 minutes to figure out what they wanted and another 5 to realize they did not have enough money. At least with the elongated bar design bartenders can tend to multiple customers rather than one at a time. Also, can the prices be more realistic? The prices were like for an above average bar, which that place definitely was not. $2 less for most of the things would have been more realistic - I'm just saying.

The Magic Macabre Show: IT WAS AMAZING!! It was funny, and crazy, and disgusting at times. They did a really good job this year, and I hope to continue to see the acts again next year.

The AX Dance: The line was extremely long, and no one is allowed to use the restroom unless you're a girl (friend of mine got back in). There is really no way I can think of handling the line other than splitting the dance to 2 or even 3 separate rooms of the same size. I would like for it to be hosted in the big room where the line was, but I understand the risk in terms of security and safety and how LACC security is not equipped to handle a dance party that large the way it was set up. No one wants an EDC riot happening, which is usually the case with dances that big.

The Gaming Room: Definitely a big improvement form previous years. Very much a similar setup to Fanime, and I very much appreciated it.

The X-games was definitely in the way this year. Thanks to the event the price and demand for parking sky-rocketed. Also, we all got our fair share of rude looky-loos that did not understand what our convention was about. Really did not appreciate being directed on the outskirts of the convention center to get to the Marriott. Then I found the the shortest path going through the parking lot.

Aside from the troubles, it was a pretty enjoyable time this year. Saw a lot of really good cosplays this year, and was able to pull off my own good cosplay as well.
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