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Originally Posted by El_Duque View Post
I didn't go this year.

But it's been confirmed from Jason/Factor on his Facebook fan page that there was 46,000 overall unique attendees. I clearly remember the unique attendance in 2011 was hovering around 49,000. It must have been a bad blow for the SPJA to lose 3,000 attendees in one year.
I don't think so. Two reasons.

Remember last year there was a $10./day, $25./4day dealers hall only pass, so a lot of the people who don't normally buy badges ended up getting that. This year, it was $20./day, no 4day option, nowhere near as attractive as last year. This brought back ghosting.

Last year's Miku concert was a special case, it's hard to top that. Remember the standard for past years has always been A-class talent that hasn't been seen in the US before. Yet think about how much these concerts ended up costing, and how many people attended them.

All things considered, it's not a bad number and nothing to be ashamed about.

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