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OKAY. 1st) This thread has saved me from utter boredom. I read the entire thing half out of interest, half because I feel awesome that I did. *grins*
2nd) I want to be your Soma. I do I do I do! I dunno if I could pull it off though.... RAGH! I don't think I will be able to. I just want to you know, I wish I could in so many ways. My parents are just not letting me buy a wig thisyear for reasons unknown to me, so I need to use the ones I have in storage, and though my hair is the exact same consistancy as Soma''s not purple. (I wish it was.)
3rd) If you need one, I want to be your Finnian. The only problem is, I'm trying to set up a Homestuck group cosplay, and though I've only got one taker (IRL) if it does happen, it'll happen on Saturday. If I find out it won't happen, or just not on Saturday, I'm your Finnian/will-be-killing-myself-to-figure-out-Soma.

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