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ok here is how it has been the last 3 Years at AX

2010 : 44,000
2011: 47,000
2012: 46,000

there was only (Roughly 1000) people lacking at AX this year.

BUT IMO i believe AX had to have at least 50,000 people over the weekend. I mean the place was JAM PACKED. could not move anywhere without bumping into someone... although the crowd could be for Lack of use over where the south Hall was where cosplayers would have their pics taken but X-games was using that side. so everyone was over by Exhibit hall Area.

but anyways....


The Convention center Bathrooms NEED TO BE CLEANED REGULARLY. it was so DISGUSTING Overflowed Toilets,Stuff ALL over the place in almost Every single bathroom i went to.... just Disgusting.. I never saw Event Staff cleaning one bathroom... it's like they waited till end of the day then cleaned when everyone was gone...

in the downstairs bathroom below the Dealers hall (mens Restroom) around 11:00pm on Saturday there was Blood on the Floor and all in one of the sinks little bit on the wall next to the sink. VERY SICK. someone never even tried to wipe it up... NOBODY HAS MANNERS or anything.... would you leave BLOOD all over your stuff at HOME???? (WIPE IT UP)
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