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*stares at Tuxedo Mask cosplay in closet* TUXXXXXXXXX.
Yeah. Why I don't want to be Kidomaru is kinda because I'm not the hugest fan of Naruto. I love it, but I'm not anywhere close to getting up to date in the series, and i think I may have given up at a point. I adored Orochimaru (of course I did) but some of the characters just got on my nerves!!! Okay, not what I should be discussing in a 3rd Naruto based thread. I don't have that much against the series, it's just not my cup of tea. I love shounen, but Naruto is... I have no idea! *brain died at 12:30 am*
At least Homestuck fans aren't like Hetalia cosplayers. I love them, but I hate them.
Personally I am an Orochitard.
Hate the Naruto series.
Just love the hell out of Orochimaru's character XD;
I still read it here and there but not really that interested in the actual storyline anymore.
Its just my dream to get the whole Sound 5 in NY for once. >_<; I just dont know why its so hard to find Sound 5 or Sound Village cosplayers that are on the East Coast.

Oh god Hetalia.
That series makes me want to just break things. Its so racist and disrespectful, I am still trying to figure out how it is so popular among people.
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