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I guess I like Hetalia. It is super racist though and even though everyone is always like "it's racist to everyone, though, so it's okay!! Pasta!" I'm like NO. Not the way it works. I guess it's like an anime South Park, though. And, some of it's seemingly mindless humor does have a lot of political background, and can be quite funny. But, it is a pretty disrespectul series in all. I grew up with the Simpsons and South Park, though so.... But, 5 minutes is not a episode. It's just NOT.
I'm going to join your FB group and even if I can't be Soma (I shall try to plan it but it might not happen) I will hang out with you guys at the con for a little. On any of the days. I still need to see if I can just dissapear from school on Friday, though.
Sounds good ^^
The more the merrier! Welcome aboard!

Dude I got so pissed at the Romanian Hetalia character that they made.
Apparently all Romanians are blonde with red eyes and fangs. =____= Romanians get the bad rep due to all of the gypsies that plague the place and now this? And not all Americans like Hamburgers and try to be heroes =___=

The Simpsons and Family Guy just have a different way to make people laugh. Hetalia just is some fan fiction crack that sounds like some 8 year old Otaku made D: Sorry. Should probably not hate on a serious that I really barely watched.

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