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I only went on Sunday day three, and I only bought an Exhibit Hall badge, because the programming didn't interest me at all, and I was only at AX for about 6-7 hours so I don't have much to report on...


-Me and my friends went a little later, when we got there around 11:30 we didn't have to wait in any line to pick up our badges
-Parking wasn't difficult to find at all, I believe we parked in the South Hall garage, and it was only $15
-I was actually able to find some things I wanted in the dealers room this year
-last year I went on Saturday for there free exhibit hall after 3pm, it was so crowded I couldn't even see anything, this year it was less crowded
-Lots of cool cosplays
-We could sit against the walls
-I had no problems with X-games, aside from a little extra downtown traffic

-Programming seemed very lacking, wasn't interested at all, and I was kinda disappointed about it
- There were times when the exhibit hall got a little too crowded for me, but it was fine because there were also down times where it wasn't bad at all

I had fun, but im not going to be going back next year, I was really hoping they would move back to Anaheim, then I might have considered because I love that convention center, but programming last year didn't interest me ether and I wouldn't be surprised if its the same way next year.
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