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The Convention center Bathrooms NEED TO BE CLEANED REGULARLY. it was so DISGUSTING Overflowed Toilets,Stuff ALL over the place in almost Every single bathroom i went to.... just Disgusting.. I never saw Event Staff cleaning one bathroom... it's like they waited till end of the day then cleaned when everyone was gone...

in the downstairs bathroom below the Dealers hall (mens Restroom) around 11:00pm on Saturday there was Blood on the Floor and all in one of the sinks little bit on the wall next to the sink. VERY SICK. someone never even tried to wipe it up... NOBODY HAS MANNERS or anything.... would you leave BLOOD all over your stuff at HOME???? (WIPE IT UP)
This is why I didn't use the convention center restrooms on the 1st floor. Many of them were filthy, had a strong stench in them, and some of the trash was overflowing.

The cleaner restrooms are on the upper floors. (But they aren't that clean by that much.)

I noticed that the con's janitorial & maintenance staff didn't bother to clean the restrooms up very often.

Some of the lower floor restrooms were almost as bad as the restrooms in the downtown LA Amtrak/Metro Union Station.

There were also some cars belonging to AX attendees that got broken into & had their stuff stolen within the vicinity of the convention center.

Besides the overpriced hotels, food & parking around the LACC, there's other reasons why I really dislike the LA Convention Center. I was hoping that they would move back to Anaheim, after their contract expires with LA this year, but I was very, very disappointed to hear that they are returning to LA next year. (LA hasn't exactly brought out the welcome mat for AX this year.) I am hoping that it will be just a one year contract, and not a 5 year contract.

I also noticed that the LA mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa didn't even bother to show up this year. He made such a BIG hoopla about showing up for AX back in 2010, but in 2012, it seemed like AX was beneath his notice.

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