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Crossplay is awesome
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  • Registration line was definitely quicker this year
  • Animetal USA - I was skeptical about them as GoH, but their concert ROCKED!
  • LiSA concert - AMAZING! She had so much energy and the crowd really was into it throughout
  • Hall G - Not a bad venue at all in my opinion
  • AMV contest - I now need to watch Steins;Gate and AnoHana
  • Lots of awesome cosplayers
  • Being able to fit time in to take a dip in the pool at the JW Marriott
  • Hanging out with good friends and running into friends I don't see that often
  • Actually got compliments on my cross-play from a couple of X Games attendees...never expected that
  • Food trucks...AWESOME
  • Madoka Magika panel...that was an awesome panel, by far the best of the panels I attended
  • Last Comic Standing...HILARIOUS! The audience and comics just fed off each other and I was glad to see Soap finally win after so many years of coming up short!

  • Main Events line on Friday, a staffer was handing out tickets at the head of the line. Why wasn't a staffer doing that inside Hall A? I missed two panels!
  • Frequent schedule changes last minute made it hard to keep track unless you had a smartphone
  • Mobile app RARELY worked for me...what good is it if it doesn't work?
  • CROWDS...good lord was it crowded; it felt like Comic Con on Friday and Saturday!
  • Programming or lack thereof; there weren't a lot that interested me
  • Guests - aside from LiSA, Yuki Kajiura and surprisingly Animetal USA the GoH list was weak for those who haven't watched Fate/Zero
  • X Games inconvenience; though they did do a decent job of making the path clear it was still annoying to walk all that extra way.
  • Registration lines - While the line did move quicker this year, can't AX rent out canopies to keep people out of the sun?
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