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Just thought I'd point out: Classe just entered the 3rd week of a 9-week sale promotion.

Every week on Wednesday at 3 PM JST, the week restarts. Every week, several colours each from the Pro and SARA lines are put on sale (20% off for wigs, 10% off for vances/extensions/etc). Sale items don't accumulate points (but then, the SARA line doesn't yield points anyway).

Even if you don't live in Japan (and thus don't get points, since it's extra work for services to keep track of customers' points), watching this and other shops' sales is a pretty decent way to reduce the burden of shopping service fees and pricey shipping. Every little bit helps.

The week that just began 40 minutes ago is promoting Pro line's Redbrown, Orange, and Red, and SARA line's Brown, Greybrown, and Yellowbrown.
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