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Anime Los Angeles 2013 Valve Gathering

Hello there everyone I would like to welcome all to the Valve gathering list and forum, please if you want to join our gathering don't hesitate to leave a post saying your cosplay and I'll add it to the list whenever I get the chance. Please if you have any questions post me or PM me I can answer them. As for time and date they are on my signature

Me: Wreck-it Ralph *Game jumping*
misterfreeman: ?
karanawolfy: (RED) Fem medic
QuietKodama: Witch
QuietKodama(1): Hunter
QuietKodama(2): Ellis
QuietKodama(3): Zoey
Portal Jumper: Spitter
random_engie: (RED) Fem Scout
Getheyon: Nick
PressAtoRespawn: (RED) Fem Demoman
Stormx6: (RED) Medic

This forum is still under construction, we'll have the Engineers work on it ASAP.
Valve gathering at Anime Los Angeles undecided yet.

Cosplays for Anime Los Angeles 2013

Wreck-it Ralph

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