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I tend to have these all the time, specially before cons... It was actually two nights ago that I dreamed I was going to participate in a contest the next day as SS Zelda, but I hadn't even nearly finished my costume... And I asked my mom to send me my old boots and hope they would get here in half a day.. Ahaha, so stressful. XD

Another one was about me taking part in a contest and was frantically trying to finish my costume backstage... It's just that I hadn't even nearly finished my costume nor styled my wig. DX

In another one I went on stage in an unfinished costume and unpainted props...

Aaand I have a bad memory so that's all for now. XD

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I had a really WTF nightmare. I was walking into a theator for a game at a convention same with a lot of cosplayers. When the place was packed the announcer announced that dinosaurs will be attacking anyone with a scarf, and anyone who didn't want to attend could head back to the dome; just keep your eyes on the dome. However the winner would get a grand prize. I gave my scarf I had to another cosplayer and said she could use it just email me when she's done then I started back. Only thing was there was no quitting this game. And one chi started freaking out cause she had a scarf in her hair. Needless to say there was a whole lot of cosplayers taken out jurassic park style. And not in the convention center for some odd reason as soon as anyone walked out of the theator they ended up in a jungle.
Okay, I just laughed my a$$ off.

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