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Right now I'm planning an Eowyn/Dernhelm costume. This makes me sad; I started out planning to make a bow and watched the LotR Extended Editions' making-ofs because they always get me inspired, but instead I got inspired to do Dernhelm. Urgh. It'll be fun, though, her leather armor is amazing, and I've been reenacting that scene in my backyard since I was tiny. I've never worn a full mail shirt, though, that should be interesting.
The only other LotR costume I've made before is a sparkly blue silk thing that I called Varda's handmaiden's handmaiden.
And I think I'll just buy a long skirt and either cobble together a bodice or just find a white shirt with puffy sleeves and go as a hobbit girl for the Hobbit premier. Except I have a pixie cut, and no money for wigs. I'd like to dress up exactly like one of the dwarves but technically not crossplay, because I like the idea that one or more of the 13 were women and Bilbo just couldn't tell.

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