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Smile Oi, Ossan!! GINTAMA Gathering AX 2013

Hello everyone!!!

As a neophyte cosplayer of the Gintama series, I was very sad to see there was no gathering organized this year at AX 2012. I messaged Shichikou-senpai and apparently she no longer lives in California and cannot organize any more gatherings at AX, therefore I would like to take the initiative to organize a gathering for next year! (although it's very early still...) I heard there are a lot of unspoken traditions/random events that go down in Gintama gatherings, so veteran Gintama gathering goers feel free to help if I get anything wrong orz.

I was thinking about some games (like the hammer and helmet one, I happen to have a safety hat) and a potluck (seeing from previous posts there's always food at Gintama gatherings XD). Leave a comment for food/game suggestions!

UPDATE: Sorry for not updating this post for so long, school and such taking a lot of time. But AX is less than a month away so I thought now is a good time to get this post going again, added a poll for time time. Keep your comments and suggestions coming!

FINAL UPDATE!!!The meeting time is set at 11:30 AM on Sunday July 7th!! I will try to bring some ice cream over there so everyone can have some and just generally chill out/do some Gintama-related activities. PLEASE BRING SOME FOOD/SNACKS TO SHARE IF YOU CAN! Of course there will be photo-op time, but I also think that it'll be great to do something else rather than just taking photos


DATE: 4th day Sunday 07/07
TIME: ~To be decided~
LOCATION: West Hall entrance (subject to change if there's something like X Games this year again... OTL;; )




Hammer Helmet Rock Paper Scissors
Improv Games (Indian Chief game, etc.)
Radio exercises (via Shinpachi?)


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Yagyuu Kyuubei - rinnyai

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