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Originally Posted by Vexation View Post
As more groups join the anime bandwagon, there's more, let's say, turf wars.
It's a festering breeding ground for drama. And while I try not to let it take away from my overall con experience, I feel like fewer and fewer of these incoming fans are really there for the con.

The anime "bandwagon" has exploded since I was young. I remember the days when you went to a con and everyone, and I mean everyone, was a hardcore fan. Anime was hard to find in the US and you had to really go out of your way to get it and to involve yourself so deeply in it's culture. We were the kids who hid out in the basement to watch those weird cartoons that we got so much shit for. Oh those were the days.

Now anime cons are largely populated by yougin's with a half-assed fandom largely pulled from the growing number of series aired on American networks and various forums on the net.

Of course it's a breeding ground for drama, a majority of con goers are teens and that is what children do. The variation in styles is simply the excuse. What's more, I highly doubt these steampunk/whatever cosplayers paid money to hang out at a con they have no real interest in. They do have cons much more geared toward the steampunk subculture.

And yes, part of this is just me complaining of the change in demographic but it is this change that has increased the amount of drama. It's the people who create the drama, not their costumes.
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