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I do remember one. The reason why I remember it is because it was so bizarre I actually bothered to write it down so I will never forget.

I was at a convention dressed as an Orc, but not a costume I ever remember seeing before. It was very cool, flashy and kind of nature-y like a druid and magical like a wizard and intricate like a priest all at once. My tusks looked just right, my arms were toned, I was a good shade of green and I was quite popular. Tons of WoW cosplayers were around and everyone wanted me in the front of the photoshoot because I was clearly the best one there.

Then for some reason I wanted to remove my ear prop because I thought it was crooked. I tried to take it off and it would not come off. I tugged and tugged and it hurt bad. Then I panicked and tugged as hard as i could and it came off. I was really relieved until I noticed that my whole ear came off! And I was bleeding in a very sickly green color, like slime. I just kind of stared at my ear in shock and some random person was like "You know, if you were going for realism it should have been a blackish-green. That's too bright a shade."

Then I woke up. Despite it being very freaky I remember being quite annoyed that there was some know-it-all snob trying to downplay the costume I had on (that was better than anything I've actually made). ~_~
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