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Originally Posted by SirWonderusMary View Post
I truly wish had these super-human abilities to heal rapidly just as the feeling of boredom takes over. But alas, I'm a weak mortal who simply can't defy injury that quickly. I give them mad props for being able to just walk out of that type of injury without limping or screaming in pain.
Her character was apparently a normal, non-magical little girl who was rather weak. Her ability to just get up with a completely lacerated back was completely uncalled for, and the injury she had been trying to set up for days was never mentioned again.

I had written the girl a couple hundred words as a post, in which my character had discovered her character lying there, asked if she could do first aid, and started doing it. I could understand the boredom of the scenario if it dragged on for a couple thousand words, but it was just that one post.

She also apparently didn't like that I took what she considered an exorbitant amount of time to reply-- about half an hour, when I wasn't online to see that she had posted a reply the second she did.
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