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Originally Posted by kaientai View Post
awwww so awesome =) this is hana, by the way XD i'm definitely going to cosplay gintama next year but like vicky i've yet to decide who...i'll probably be kagura, zura, or sacchan though. i'll also base my choice off of who ren and vicky choose too xD I CAN BRING FOOD TOO
Awww yeah, just tell me what you'll probably bring and I'll put you up on the list!!

Originally Posted by mayora13 View Post
Yeah I'm going for sure!!!!! Yeah idk who I'm going to be next year haha, it depends on who's being who... I'm probably going to have more than one character though so I was thinking I'd be either Takasugi, Kamui, Okita, Gintoki or little Gintoki ^-^ I'll bring some food too! Ichigo Gyunyuu!!!!!!!! Let's do a radio taiso!! with Shinpachi leading it!!
Mayora13 are you Ren? Anyway, careful if you're bringing strawberry milk, you might get attacked by Gintokis lol. Radio taiso? like ? If that's the case I think I actually have a Shinpachi who can lead it hahaha.
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