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Name of Commissioner: FM-Anime
Character Commissioned: Chibitalia from Axis Powers: Hetalia
Items Ordered: Complete Outfit (Dress, Apron, Bandana, Petticoat) and Wig
Links to picture(s):

Timeline: December 2010-February 2011

Describe your Experience:

I was browsing through and I saw that there were only a few reviews for FM-Anime, so I thought I'd contribute. ^^

I ordered the cosplay near the end of December of 2010. They only take metric measurements, so if you decide to order from them, use Google calculator (I've heard bad things about accidentally making incorrect measurements and getting a costume that doesn't fit right). I had never ordered from them before, but their products looked good and they claimed to not use stock photos. The prices were also very good at a glance, but I should offer a warning. I don't know about other countries, but if you get it shipped to America, shipping is pretty costly! For the costume + wig, the shipping came out to about $50.00. I still ordered it though, and I'm sure glad I did!

Honestly, the shipping fee is my only complaint, but I can hardly complain about it since I chose to pay that much and it was well worth it in the end (their costume prices are very reasonable). I've read one person's review and they complained about the 2-3 wait time for the costume, but this didn't bother me at all. I asked and they told me in advance that it would take at least 2 months to get my cosplay (I ended up getting it just a few days after the two month mark), so there was no surprise by the long wait. Based on reviews on the website and the look of product in the picture, I had no reason to contact them, though I can still say that they have good communication. I say this because not long ago I was considering commissioning a cosplay from them that was not yet in their catalog, and within three days of sending them pictures of the outfit I wanted, they responded with a price and a list of materials that would be used. For no reason other than my low finances at the time I ended up not purchasing the outfit, but I've noticed they are fairly quick to respond to email.

As mentioned before, I received the package in late February of 2011, and I was beyond satisfied with what I received. The cosplay was exactly what they said it would be, and it matched the picture perfectly. The workmanship is very proffessional and the materials are comfortable and great quality. I tried on the costume and was surprised by just how perfectly the costume fit (I'm the type of person who is always paranoid that my cosplay won't fit right somewhere XD). I was a bit skeptical about the petticoat I received, as it was very short and looked like a tutu, but I was once again surprised as I tried it on and saw that it worked very well. It wouldn't work for long skirts of course, but for my knee-length dress, it lifted the dress and apron just right!

As for the wig, it was just as good of quality. The wig was soft and just the right color, and the only complaint (and it's a very minor complaint) I have on the wig is that I had to reinforce Italy's curl with some hair gel, but other than that it was great. The style was just as I expected it, the curl was firmly on the wig (it wiggles a bit as if it were natural hair, but it's at no risk of deattaching from the wig), and I was very pleased overall.

Final Grade: A+ The price is reasonable (even with shipping), the quality is fantastic, and I would easily reccommend FM-Anime to anyone looking to buy or commission a cosplay.

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