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Originally Posted by StarsCASSiOPEiA View Post
Her character was apparently a normal, non-magical little girl who was rather weak. Her ability to just get up with a completely lacerated back was completely uncalled for, and the injury she had been trying to set up for days was never mentioned again.

I had written the girl a couple hundred words as a post, in which my character had discovered her character lying there, asked if she could do first aid, and started doing it. I could understand the boredom of the scenario if it dragged on for a couple thousand words, but it was just that one post.

She also apparently didn't like that I took what she considered an exorbitant amount of time to reply-- about half an hour, when I wasn't online to see that she had posted a reply the second she did.
This is normally why I choose to Role-play with very few people, and when I do it, I tend to do it with characters from a well-known Anime or Movie just because the personalities are already there. So, either you act in character or you'll be caught and told you're OOC. Course, don't see the point in setting it up so the story is focused on the injury, and then just forgotten. Do you still Role-play with them? And really? !00 words can bore a person? o.o I had no idea that was all it took, though I'm sure they're relatively used to "Text" lingo as their answer as my friend who forum-roleplayed often on Gaia always showed me her story/role-play thus far with other people, and said she loved it when her partner gives her a paragraph.

Side note- Only advice to people like that? Don't Forum Role-play if you want a quick answer. Do it via IM since it shouldn't take a person that long to reply compared to a forum/comment. Like I role-played with one person on Deviantart and they replied either within a few hours, or a day.
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