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Lightbulb South Africa Cosplay (CT)

Greetings fellow Cosplay/Anime/Gaming/Tech enthusiasts

I've just joined up with and i noticed that there is nothing for us in Cape Town.

If anyone is interested in helping/co-founding a Cosplay/Convention here i would be glad to start one up.

I've been a huge fan of Anime since i was very young and always enjoyed Cosplay and would love to meet others who enjoy the same.

I currently run a lighting and sound company so that would be covered, also running the company i have come accross many venues available for such an event.
Also know alot of companies that might be able to bring sponsorship into the event.

Let me know what you all think and maybe we can get something going for us down here.
Spread the word, leave comments and ideas and i'll start putting together a proposal for the event.

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