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Dead or Alive Gathering 2013

Yes, we're starting our recruitment now.

Why? Because we're not only going to work on our cosplays, but our kicks, punches, and grapples to give people some interesting and unique photo opportunities. We plan to meet in the Winter and Spring of 2013 in the Southern California region (probably Los Angeles or San Diego) to work out some choreography.

We will work out day and time a little later on. Right now, we're working on people, characters, and training.

I'm going to an L.A. Fitness in the San Fernando Valley and would be up to working out with you if you're available. My wife will be joining the training after she gives birth.

Ayane - Lady Muramasa
Christie -
Helena -
Hitomi - Lady Muramasa's sister
Kasumi - Shivaness
Kokoro -
Lei-Fang -
Lisa -
Nicole-458 -
Niki -
Tina - FusionRose

Bass - Freight
Bayman -
Brad -
Ein/Hayate -
Eliot -
Gen Fu -
Jann Lee -
Leon -
Rig - Numta
Ryu -
Zack - Kiosuke X

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