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You can add Soma to that list, Akune, because I'm pretty much going to tell my Homestuck crazed IRL friend "NO" and move on.
So, Prince Soma lives on. And XD I happen to be the exact height he is, 167 cm. (I checked) I think earlier in this thread you asked how tall everyone was, but I'm not sure. I think you edited it.
In all my (few) years I have never seen a Tanaka cosplayer, and the world may blow up if one exists.

Cosplays: Brock (Pokemon) 95%, L (Death Note) 100%, Kurapica (Hunter X Hunter) 100%, Bikky (FAKE) 40%, Count D (Pet Shop Of Horrors) 70% Dave Strider (Homestuck) 95%
New York Comic Con 2012:
Friday: Sober! Gamzee Makara (Homestuck) 80%
Saturday: Mituna Captor (Homestuck) 80%
Sunday: Mituna Captor (Homestuck) 80%
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