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Well, what do you have so far for the cosplay?
And here's my idea. I think you should go to a Goodwill or thrift store and get a jacket like in the picture the top and the pants, or check and see if you got anything like that in your closet.

Then you could get some materials like this:

For the star badge you could get an iron on.
I found this one that might be cool for 2P!America.

Website where you could get it:

If you already have glasses GREAT. But if you don't....that I don't know sorry. xD I never seen where you could buy fake glasses.

Your gonna hafta buy the wig of course, and you can find some really cheap ones by searching "short blonde wigs" on Google Images.

Here is a pretty good wig:

And you could easily make the curl with some spiking gel. or you could get a rubber band or a clear ponytail to tie it up.
There's lots of other tutorials for it too I think.

Some tutorials I found: <--- Really useful.

And if you wanna go all the way you could buy some red eye contacts but they can be hard to take care of and hurt sometimes.

I hope I helped! ^u^ America's awesome yo! xD
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