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I've spent most of my teen years and now adult life role playing on forums, and most recently, Tumblr. I know Tumblr RP is a joke to a lot of the more serious writers, and I understand that and often agree. It just has so many great tools to help build character, I have trouble staying away. However, I can also truthfully say this. The last Tumblr-based RPG I ran had a horrible, godmodding, inconsiderate player whom I had asked to leave after receiving complaints from the rest of my group about her. She refused and continued to post for several days until it escalated into an argument. A few days later, I received a few different applications all at once for a main character we did not have, all from accounts that had nothing to do with the fandom or RP or showed any sign of being people who'd logically have an interest in role play. Very long, dramatic, unfortunate story short, we discovered that the girl that had been booted out had several of her friends submit applications she wrote through their accounts (so many so that whichever we accepted was bound to be hers), so that she would be allowed to re-enter the group and, with her new main character power, destroy it. ...Really? Are we six years old? Worst experience I've had.
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