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Exclamation Youmacon 2012 Photoshoot Gathering Listings

Ok, I figured I would take on this challenge since it seems to work well for other cons as far as helping organize photoshoots. Plus it may help us avoid the insanity of last years Saturday 2pm Wintergarden insanity...@_@.

Besides I figure it might be time for Youmacon to have a thread like this to help minimize confusion of times, locations and so on, but also hopefully prevent duplicate threads for discussion of photoshoots. Plus I figured I would be nice and help our dear Magius out a little...

*A mod or staffer is more then welcome to sticky this to make it so it doesn't get lost in the insanity.

So basically this thread is for you to post the times, date, locations and threads for the different photoshoots being planned for Youmacon.

The Youmacon Sister Thread:

The second post will house the master list of ALL the 2012 Discussion threads for the various Cosplay Photoshoot and Gatherings.... They will be divided by Video Games, Anime and Manga, Television/Movies (IE Doctor Who, NCIS, etc), Comics, American Animation, General and Private Shoot Offers.

The third post of the thread will be where all the times, dates and locations will be listed, by day, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To minimize confusion, I ask that ONLY those who are ACTUALLY planning and acting as the gatherings 'official host' post the times and dates for each gathering. As I know it is still early, I know some gatherings may not have an official time set yet, but I am willing to add them none the less. I ASK THAT ALL TIMES BE FINALIZED PREFERABLY NO LATER THEN TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE CON!! I ask this, simply so that there is plenty of time for the Youmacon Staff to be able to take this info, if they wish, and put it in the program book if they wish to do so. If your gathering has different meeting places on different days, then please fill them out separately.

Meanwhile to help alleviate congestion and insanity, I am suggesting that no more then TWO groups of a MAJOR/LARGE FANDOM BASE occupy the Wintergarten's lower atrium at one time. Trust me two is enough, three is really pushing it, especially when you add photographers to the mix. Four is utter chaos....@_@. If you where part of the Saturday 2pm insanity of 2011, you know what I mean...DGM, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed all occupied the space at one time last year...wasn't pretty at first...

Notes from MagiusT (Vice CC/LP DH) on Youma Forums:
Keep in mind that if you officially want said space listed in the program guild, it will have to finalized by us. We try to put the photoshoots for various series following any panel we may have on said series. This makes it a whole lot nicer for everyone who likes X to get their fill of everything X related and juts move from 1 location to another following the chain of X. (I was amused by the fact that X is a commonly used variable and a great series.)

I may also be taking this all over with staff at a later date.

--I will try and see if I can get some pics soon, next time I go downtown. List may be added to as well if I find more places--
Riverfront Walk [Outside Wintergarten, good for large gatherings. Also epic for Final Fantasy shots involving Shinra employee's, Turks and SOLDIER members, since the Ren Center does almost look like the Shin-Ra Building. Massive World Map great for Hetalia cosplayers]
Wintergarten "Atrium Level" [Lowest level of Wintergarten area; where the tables are at. Best for the LARGE shoots and Major fandoms]
Hart Plaza [Pretty much a short walk, practically next to Ren Cen and a nice little backdrop. The ring might make for good fun sci-fi stuff. Also good for large gatherings]

Please post using this information in this thread...
Type: (Anime, Game, TV, Comics, General)
Date: (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
Time of Day:
Link to Discussion Thread: (I will strive to put BOTH the Official Youmacon forum and the forum threads where applicable)

Photographer's Name: (First names's fine)
Alias/Handle: (Do you have a handle or forum name you usually go by?)
Examples of Work: (A link to a website, portfolio or something showing some of your work)
Link to Photography Thread:
Cons for 2015:
Shutocon, Midwest Media Expo (Maybe 1 Day), Colossalcon or ACEN, AWA, Youmacon

The Cosplay File for 2015
All subject to change... (and also more then I can list...@_@) UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!

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