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Gathering Discussion Threads


--List of the Disscussion threads for gatherings.

YCon= Youmacon Forum Thread
CCom= Thread

Video Games
--Basically the Video Games section--

Touhou Project
Youmacon Thread |
Be Your True Mind [SMT/Persona]
Youmacon Thread |
Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger
Youmacon Thread |

Anime and Manga
--Japanese/Asian based animation and manga--

Soul Eater
Youmacon Thread |
Youmacon Thread |
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Youmacon Thread |
Fate Stay Night/Fate Zero
Youmacon Thread |

--This is shoots for stuff like Avengers movie, Doctor Who, Sherlock, NCIS, etc--

--General Comic stuff...Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc...--

American Animation
--American based cartoon stuff...--

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Youmacon Thread | Thread

--Everything else, webcomics, internet memes, original characters, etc...--

Obscure, Rare, Original 2012
Youmacon Thread |

Private Shoot Offers
--Private Photography sessions being offered by members--

Originally Posted by HikarioLove
Photographer's Name: Katie
Alias/Handle: Kida
Examples of Work:
Link to Photography Thread:
--Raiji's Notes: As the Nea from her Shutocon shoot with Allen, I can say with personal experience, that they are awesome to work with.
Cons for 2012:
Ohayocon, Shutocon, Colossalcon, Otakon, AWA, Youmacon

The Cosplay File for 2012
All subject to change... (and also more then I can list...@_@) Red= In Progress
Planned Cosplay's/Projects: Zol Balfaltin "The Grim Reaper" [Immortal Rain], Philemon [Persona], Adam/1st Disciple [DGM- Earl Human Form], Nea Walker [DGM], TARDIS [Doctor Who- "Special Project"], Vocaloid Edward Elric [FMA- "Special Project"], Nekozawa [Ouran- "Princely Ver."]

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