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hdbfghnjI was trying to like compile all the characters so far seen/read/mentioned in Hetalia. There is just so many. Tooo many. I'm just going to hope, that at some point, people will cosplay these other characters, so I can then list them. Or I'll do it anyways later when I don't have a bunch of grown men yelling in my ears.

As for hosting--I'll put you guys under helping, until we get closer to AX2013. It's just a lot easier to keep people non-committed, instead of having people say they'll do something and then not show up. At least this way, I wouldn't have to scramble to find a replacement, or a panel getting in the way, you know? And on that note, hosts will more than likely be decided a month in advance, and on that note, if scheduling conflict occurs the times may be moved with in an hour, later or earlier, but that needs to be decided as soon as the official schedule comes out, so things are not conflicting with other gatherings on the list--if an official one happens this year.

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