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Robot/Mech aftermath questions?

Hi all, for the past forever-long-time I've been constantly tempted to make a robot/mech cosplay of some shape or form, I've done research and lurked the forums for all I can find and it's been helpful but there are some things that I have been worried about and don't know how to conquer. (apologies in advance if none of this makes sense or is posted in the wrong place, it seemed like the best place?)

1: Making yourself bigger not taller. If you cosplay a big mech (for me it feels) weird to be of average height and inaccurate? It feels like scaling it down is going to make the little details and things look too short. But the issue isn't only height, if you make yourself taller (Platform shoes, having the costume's head above your's ect) then the arms will be too short or out of proportion. I'm really conflicted over this because it feels silly to make it bigger but it also feels silly to make it scaled down, how do most people go about it? I've considered stilts but I don't trust them to be sturdy with a costume over them ect. (plus that still leaves the issue of arms) and I've seen people use string puppets for finger-hand movements but I know NOTHING of string puppets.

2: Cons, in my past cosplays our costumes have only been 'in character' for photos other wise we just walk around, eat, buy things, ect. But that confuses me because if you're a mech/robot cosplay surely the costume will get in the way, would you just have to stand around outside and pretend you're not bored. Our main con (MCMLondon) has storm troopers that just walk around in character and seemingly don't do any of the con-stuff like buying things. Is being in character all the time essential with this kind of cosplay? And if it is would having a non-suitable voice break character? And what about gender?

3: STAIRS, I heard the vision will be faltered, and so would general movement. Most of the cons I've been to have had stairs at the entrance or stairs from the changing room/toilets, how have people conquered stairs in the past, from all visualisations it looks like a death trap!

These are really trivial questions but they've been bothering me and scaring me away from thinking of starting or finishing anything!
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