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I went to AZ in 10 and 11. Last year there were some issues with the AA. A friend of mine politely voiced some of those issues with staff while I was standing there. As a result, it would seem, neither of us received placement in the AA for this year. I got a spot at Fanime, so I went there instead even though AZ is a lot closer (~1.5 hours) and more convenient for me.

I pre-registered last year at the after con special $35 rate. This is my local con, and since I thought I would probably get into the AA, after making it in the two years previously, going was a no-brainer. When I realized I wasn't going after I didn't get a spot in the AA, I sent in a signed letter (like they requested) to ask for my refund, minus the $5 processing fee. I sent the letter before their full refund cut-off date, which was in March. I still haven't received my refund. I sent registration staff an email a week or two ago and still haven't received a response. It doesn't take more than a minute to say "We're working on it" or "sorry, we decided not to give out refunds this year after all!"

In light of these things, and the fact that I didn't go even go to AZ '12 and they're still jerking me around a bit with my refund, I would say this is a con I probably won't be going back to ever.
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