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I just wished that they took better care of the guest autograph. I wen to go meet LM.C and no one in the line knew that you had to buy their CD in order to get an autograph. I saw people with books and I found this so not fair. I was also not very pleased with one of the IRT in charge of the LM.C and Vic line, yelling at us to get into a darn old straight line or else she'd kick us out.

Also, this is something that I'd like to say, please please please do not hold up rave parties in the middle of the entrance way because it is actually dangerous.
This also goes for hotel stayers because a lot of my friends who stayed at the hotel were pissed since the room next to them were playing dubstep music. I feel like the hotel managers should take care of this which they didn't apparently and now I'm considering if I should get a hotel room or not.

I decided to not attend ACen 2013. Money and school.
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