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as a mecha cosplay i would give such a rant
but im dyslexic so ill have to cut it down

8-9ft will impress your average cosplayer and you can at least stand in some buildings
in the beginning i did some 10-14ft ones and could barely use them

at a point you have to keep it in the car park
(has cost me $100s just to take a mecha to a con)
your room mates payed for the room too and it can be easier to keep in a parking space

if your not cool and comfortable dont ware it
30sec of stage time isnt worth my life
try turbine fans
jointing is often over looked but will make this a costume
not just a statue you stand in
and you can extend in any direction
your head does not need to be in the meckas head

train you handlers in hand signs
(help!,left,right,pics so pose,child, get them away from me, and so on)
and have more handlers than you need
they have other things to do it seems

i make lifts not stilts
i make brake away leg section in case of a fall
stairs not so much

theres so much more but im sure youll get enough info to start
good times to all
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